Useful Chrome Extensions for a Software Developer - Kevin Uriel Fonseca

GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture

As the title says

uBlock Origin

This helps a lot with Ads.

React developer Tools

This is a must if you’re a React developer

Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

This is good whenever you want to know the information of articles that are way too long

GitHub Web IDE

This just adds several buttons to the GitHub web page.

Live Server Web Extension

When coding pure HTML, CSS, JavaScript without modern standards…

News Feed Eradicator

This is the best tool to help you concentrate!. This blocks the major social media websites by implementing quotes.


The one I personally recommend is News Feed Eradicator since it gave me the mental strenght to delete everyting out of Internet, except by Facebook which I just deleted yesterday night (01/18/2023). Hopefully I will be able to tolerate the urge (30 days) to know about what’s going with family and friends….sometimes is better to focus on yourself and not give a single funk about anyone….which is somewhat a lie; so far I have never met anyone like that at all and if there is…they’re probably lying to themselves. We all care about people’s opinions.

Bye bye 🙂