Wi-Fi Password Forgotten? Find it! - Kevin Uriel Fonseca



This is mainly for those times in which you forget the password of your Wi-Fi and somehow the one found in the Modem is not working. In case you did not know, most of the networks passwords are stored in your computer as long as it is a from known SSID.

Starting of With…

Get into your terminal (CMD/ Command Prompt) and type the following:

netsh wlan show profile

Then it will display an output similar to this one below:

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19045.3208](c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.C:\Users\kebin>netsh wlan show profileProfiles on interface Wi-Fi:Group policy profiles (read only)---------------------------------    <None>User profiles-------------    All User Profile     : **********    All User Profile     : ATT8Hmz9Hn    All User Profile     : **********    All User Profile     : **********    All User Profile     : **********    All User Profile     : **********C:\Users\kebin>

Here you can find all the SSIDs your computer has previously connected to and from there, you can select the network you want to find the password of; once you have decided that, then proceed to type the first command again with some tweaks:

netsh wlan show profile ATT8Hmz9Hn key=clear

This command will show exactly the same profile output with a new section dedicated to the security of the given SSID due to the use of the key=clear words. Take a look:

C:\Users\kebin>netsh wlan show profile ATT8Hmz9Hn key=clearProfile ATT8Hmz9Hn on interface Wi-Fi:=======================================================================Applied: All User ProfileProfile information-------------------    Version                : 1    Type                   : Wireless LAN    Name                   : ATT8Hmz9Hn    Control options        :        Connection mode    : Connect automatically        Network broadcast  : Connect only if this network is broadcasting        AutoSwitch         : Do not switch to other networks        MAC Randomization  : DisabledConnectivity settings---------------------    Number of SSIDs        : 1    SSID name              : "ATT8Hmz9Hn"    Network type           : Infrastructure    Radio type             : [ Any Radio Type ]    Vendor extension          : Not presentSecurity settings-----------------    Authentication         : WPA2-Personal    Cipher                 : CCMP    Authentication         : WPA2-Personal    Cipher                 : GCMP    Security key           : Present    Key Content            : ************Cost settings-------------    Cost                   : Unrestricted    Congested              : No    Approaching Data Limit : No    Over Data Limit        : No    Roaming                : No    Cost Source            : DefaultC:\Users\kebin>

Pay close attention and make sure to copy the password and pasted into your Network input in order to connect to your Wi-Fi. In theory this should only work with Wi-Fi but feel free to judge by yourself.

Please remember to check my previous articles. Thanks for reading!.

Bye bye 🙂